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Teachers’ Corner originated as a celebration of creativity which was extended to all those working in education across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. This year we are providing Teachers’ Corner an online space for teachers to exhibit their artwork on the new Art Bytes website. Teachers’ Corner is a great opportunity to share artwork with pupils, helping them to understand how everyone can integrate creativity into their lives. We’re delighted that 49 teachers and art educators from schools across the UK and internationally responded to the 2021 call out. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and shared their talents!

Teachers’ Corner 2021 exhibition is open until Sunday 4th September 2022. Scroll down to view.

Image: “Young Jacob Ewe” Natalie Power Teachers Corner, 2021

Teachers’ Corner call out for 2022

We hope more teachers will join us this year to show their students that everyone can be creative.


Find out more and submit your artworks via the online submission form

Submissions deadline 8th August 2022

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Teachers Corner 2022 will open online on Monday 5th September 2022.





Teachers’ Corner 2021 Exhibition

Jacinta Appleby, Woodford County High school, Essex

My drawings of the landscape are made in the landscape, Responding directly to the immediate environment. A response to things seen and experienced as the weather and light change constantly.

"St James Park" 10 x 15 cm, Ink on Paper

"Primrose Hill" 10 x 15 cm, Pen on Paper

"St James Park 2" 10 x 15 cm, Ink on paper

Jo Ashcroft, Fulfen Primary School, Burntwood

I am fine art based, I use charcoals, inks and acrylics. I have to paint portraits and landscapes my responses are emotional and expressive. It levels me as a person to put my observations down into paper and canvas. I love to work on a larger scale and I make quite gestural marks I feel I treat portraits and landscapes in the same way with very gestural layered marks.

"Portrait of my daughter" 80 x 100 cm, Acrylic paint

"The water comes in, Anglesey' 100 x 50 cm, Acrylic paint

"Headland heights' 40 x 40 cm, Oil paint

Janie Atkins, Priorslee Academy, Telford

I have always been passionate about art from my school days and from my art teacher. I have drawn and painted all my life. I’m always looking at others art work and love how people can be so creative. I throughly enjoy teaching art throughout school and watching the children develop their art skills. In my spare time, I use all different types of mediums and draw and paint many things but recently have been using coloured pencils and pastel pencils with my portraits. I love the challenge with drawing portraits and want to begin experimenting using oils next.

"Starlight" 30 x 45 cm, Colour pencil and pastel pencil

"Nan" 21 x 30 cm, Colour pencil

"Ely" 21 x 30 cm, Colour pencil

Natalie Bond, Longton Lane CP school, St Helens

Peacock created with pencil and water colours.

"Peacock", 21 x 29 cm, watercolour & pencil

Thea Brown, The Phoenix Collegiate, West Bromwich, West Midlands

My approach to art is to cultivate a playful space. I work intuitively creating visual poetry with paint, print and photography. My recent work includes abstract dreamscapes of inner life on canvas, dreaming of a world of peace and hope. I am expressive and experimental in my practice and enjoy inducing ethereal aesthetic imagery that celebrates and explores the contradictory notions of femininity.

"Reverie" 120 x 90 cm, Acrylic paint

"Utopia dreaming" 21 x 15 cm, Acrylic and gold leaf

"Dreaming and doing" 20 x 20 cm, Acrylic and printing ink

Jon Butterworth, Nower Hill High School, Harrow

In 1989 I exhibited alongside Damien Hirst in the New Contemporaries at the ICA in London. I’ve continued to make Art whilst I’ve dedicated myself to educating young people for over 25 years in one institution. My work has developed a pluralist approach over he years with dominant concepts and materialities. I explore the meeting point of abstraction and representation whilst always looking to seduce the viewer with a celebration of media

"Education" 100 x 100 cm, Paint on canvas

"Balcony" 23 x 23 cm, Screenprint

"Otherworldliness" 100 x 100 cm, Oil on canvas

Jonathan Carney, Framwellgate School, Durham

Digital experiments created during lockdown

"I want this to end" 50 x 50cm, digital

"Untitled" 50 x 50 cm, Photocopied ephemera

Paul Carney, Education Consultant

Inktober inspired me to draw everyday during lockdown on my ipad and I just loved it. I have a fascination for anatomy and I decided to make anatomically correct recreations of iconic sculptures.

"Barberini Faun, veins of head neck & shoulder" 42 x 60 cm, Digital (Procreate)

"Old Fisherman, dissection of lower abdominal organs" 42 x 60 cm, Digital (Procreate)

"The mirror that flatters not" 42 x 60 cm, Digital (Procreate)

Anita Chamberlain, British International School, Stavanger, Norway

My work portrays abstract images that I see in nature, the environment or imagination. I use mindfulness based way of looking and feeling to enhance my artwork and attempt to share my thoughts and experiences from living here in Norway. I am surrounded by the sea, fjords and mountains and all these natural experiences allow me to be still and appreciate life.

"Roots" 30 x 15 cm, Ink, pencils, oil pastels

"Life in the head" 25 x 25 cm, pencil, ink and pen

"Cold Feet" 20 x 20 cm, Ink, pencil, oil pastels

Neha Chandaria, Unitas Youth Zone, London

These recent works are inspired by positive effects I experienced while gracefully slowing down, pronounced by lockdowns such as limited or conscious consumerism (Aparigraha), minimalism, slow living, fewer distractions and all this leading to more time to reflect, feel, think, and enjoy the simple and small pleasure of just being. The space in my artworks is less cluttered and minimal. A chair is a recurrent motif in my recent works, hoping to evoke a feeling of lounging, taking a pause, slowing down (especially as a consumerist) to reflect and meditate where otherwise one is constantly on the road of never- enough. The motives are rendered text like, with pencil medium celebrating an act of writing and mark making. The artworks are deliberately unambitious in size celebrating tiny living, the process is more simple, easy, playful with text like motifs on painterly grids as if a note/ letter/ or a page of a journal. This series of artworks along with my in-depth interview are featured in the recent 47th Issue of the Inspirational Art Magazine in March 2021, UK. They were also part of an online art exhibit by art and business club at London Business school in April 2021.

"Afternoon script", 21 x 30 cm, Mixed media

"Untitled" 21 x 30 cm, Mixed media

"Miniature red", 21 x 30 cm, Mixed media

Angela Coburn, Colchester Academy, Colchester, Essex

I am fascinated by movement, nature and try to create a dream like image that takes the viewer to another world, a dream, a day dream, a quiet place. I use detail to draw you in, sometimes I add hidden lyrics to songs that inspire a mood.

"Lights out" 60 x 40 cm, Watercolour

"A light above ascending" 50 x 30 cm, Watercolour

"Machineries of Joy" 40 x 28 cm, Coffee, watercolour and ink

Wendy Copeland, Hummersknott Academy, County Durham

As a photography teacher I am always aware of my Surroundings and constantly looking at everything in different ways. This series of images are based from my local beach in the NE England. For this set of work, I’ve used an analogue camera/fisheye lens and multiple exposures, some been developed in the darkroom with the Sabattier effect. Other images have been made into a gif and I have also been experimenting with macro images of the textures of the boats.

"Always There" Digital

"Fisherman’s Square" Digital

"Textures of Life"Digital

Natalie Deane, Battyeford CE Primary School, Mirfield, West Yorkshire

A watercolour background on A1 aquarelle paper with a screen printed image on top - limited edition of 7

"Young Jacob Ewe" 60 x 84 cm, Watercolour/screenprint

"Puffin 2" 30 x 42 cm Watercolour & fine line pen

"Jacob Ewe Rear View" 80 x 60 cm, Oil on Board

Megan Evans, Shire Oak Academy, Walsall Wood, West Midlands

My approach to my current practice is to ensure that I am always ensuring my skills are being pushed and progressed no matter what the media. The artwork I have submitted demonstrates my ability to apply high levels of detail into each piece to show texture and tone effectively. By creating these pieces it has allowed students to understand what is needed within their own work to develop their skills and love for the subject.

"Black cocker spaniel", 60 x 42 cm, pencil

"Tommy Shelby" 42 x 30 cm, pencil

Chloe Farrant, Broadclyst Primary School, Exeter, Devon

I am constantly experimenting with a mix of media and enjoy exploring with translucent colour, porcelain, layered pencil and line. Making art helps me be in the moment after a crazy day and is always sitting at the back of my thoughts. These pieces represent my interpretation of memories, the sad monkey is a memory that sits in the back of my mind from a journey to New Delhi 8 years ago, the drawings show how though time some memories can become blurred at points and we attempt to piece them and hold them together.

"In Focus" 40 x 40 cm, Pencil & Ink on Paper

"Stolen Freedom" 25 x 15 x 15 cm, porcelain

"Mirror Image" 15 x 15 cm, Ink Pencils on paper

Rachel Firth, St Nicholas School, Fleet, Hampshire

I create expressive acrylic paintings and murals inspired by everything floral and tropical, I also draw on procreate in a vintage style. I am inspired by everything colourful in nature. And I really do paint what makes me happy! These artworks are just a taster of what I do! I have an Instagram @alloftheprint which showcases all of my work on time lapse videos! A FEAST FOR YOUR EYES! Enjoy!

"Just another tropical wallpaper (yay)" 40 x 32 cm, digital

"Frank the Flamingooooo" Huge mural, Acrylic

"I’d rather be here" 70 x 200cm, acrylic on canvas

James Green, Holderness Academy & Sixth Form College, Hull

The attached artwork illustrates a poem written by Mary Denness, one of Hull's headscarf revolutionaries, who campaigned for better safety on trawlers in the 1960s. Mary lost her husband at sea and after 3 Hull trawlers went down in the space of a month, with no proper radio equipment on board. The poem is below: Maggie (The Past) by Mary Denness The mission man came to our house today I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to say. The mission man knelt and started praying But I couldn't take in a word he was saying. I sent the bairn to get his mam Whilst I saw to the little one in his pram . The lassies in the terrace began to gather I invited them in, and we all wept together. But, I knew days ago now I'd never see Billy any more I'd walked Hessle Road, I'd seen the faces The cold, still air, the questioning grimaces I went back home and closed my door and whispered Ta-rah Billy forever more.

"Ta Rah Billy" 30 x 42 cm, paper cut

Vanessa Heron, Rainham Mark Grammar School, Kent

"Aspidistra pots" 12 cm high, Ceramic

"Victorian Lily pot" 40 cm high, Ceramic

"Turquoise frilly pot" 25 cm high, Ceramic

Sam Hobbs, The Angmering School, West Sussex

Collage/ assemblage using old postage stamps, vintage papers and sometimes broken alarm clocks.

"Space and Time" 14 x 11 x 7 cm, Collage/assemblage

"Storm in a Teacup" 12 x 17 cm, unframed Collage/assemblage

"Iorek and Zeppelin" 10 x 14 cm unframed, Collage/ assemblage

Helen Homewood, Aylsham High School, Norfolk

Sketchbook work, mixed media. Experimenting with geli plate printing and natural forms.

"Fresh Leaf" 15 x 21 cm, Acrylic

"Woodland Leaves 1" 15 x 21 cm, Acrylic and collage

"Woodland Leaves 2" 15 x 21 cm, Acrylic and collage

Amie Hudson, Darton Academy Barnsley

I use art as a way of supporting my mental health. It’s like therapy. I get no great joy than when I’m consumed in the process of creating art.

"Sad times" 15 x 21 cm, Oil paint

"Barnsley NHS Heroes" 15 x 21 cm, Colour Pencil

"Arthur" 15 x 21 cm, Oil paint

Sally Johnson, University of Brighton

I have been making collages during the last year that incorporate painted backgrounds and surfaces with vintage handstitched linen textiles. They started with me cutting up my Grandma's old table linens and repurposing them. As a painter, my work usually involves vibrant colour and exciting mark making. I often work from the landscape and have found this to be a great benefit and solace to my health and I enjoy being outside.

"Red and Blue Jug" 12 x 18 cm, Mixed Media Collage

"Apple Trees" 38 x 48 cm, Oil paint on paper

"Sussex Garden" 28 x 36 cm, Acrylic on paper

Emma Jacobs, Frith Manor Primary School, North London

My approach is quite playful. I am inspired by colour, nature and simplicity. The themes I come back to range from the natural world to relationships and identity. My work includes collage, mixed media illustration, screen printing and lino printing. I also use personal objects, family archive photographs and text in my work.

"Regina and Tzilka" 30 x 42 cm, 2 layer screen print, black on gold

"Polish Bread Plate" Mixed media installation with collage

"Bauhaus Girl" 21 x 30 cm, 1 layer screen print

Victoria Jones, Vientiane International school, Laos

My artwork is often inspired by my journeys around South East Asia. These works are from my time living here in peaceful Vientiane Laos. The seamless movement of the monks and their graceful walk to receive alms every morning. The bull from the Indonesian bull races that take place every year in the south.

"Walk to Alms" 60 x 80 cm, mixed media

"Indonesian Bull" 120 x1 30 cm, mixed media

"Tuk Tuk" 60 x 80 cm, mixed media

Richard King, Perryfields High School, Oldbury, West Midlands

I work professionally as an artist in my own time, painting on the reverse side of glass with oil paint from photographs I've taken on my travels mountaineering and kayaking over the globe. I'm a published artist selling my artwork to over 200 galleries nationwide through Buckingham fine art publishers.

"Superstition" 200 x 80 cm, Oil on glass

"Let's stay together" 80 x 50 cm, Oil on glass

"Adagio for strings" 61 x 61 cm, Oil on glass

Katherine Knowles, Our Lady's Catholic College, Lancaster

This is a lino print of Dunstanburgh Castle - a place a love! This print started as a lockdown project but it's taken 3 lino blocks and over a year to get a result that I am happy with. My main medium has always been photography but over the last couple of years I have become more and more interested in print making.

"Dunstanburgh Castle", 30 x 30 cm, Lino print

Fiona McMullan, Wilmington Academy, Kent

A lino print self portrait, originally a pencil drawing developed into a a lino print. Artwork 2: In response to Yr12 SOW this is a magazine cover design for the Eden project.

"Me, myself and I" 21 x 30 cm, Lino print

"Mother Eden" 30 x 42 cm, Watercolour pencils and paint

Kerry Mctigue, The Prescot School, Knowsley

The three pieces of art I am submitting are ones that I completed during lockdown via zoom. I am not a trained artist or art teacher but love art in all forms, my friend invited me to join The Liversketchingclub- one of the oldest art clubs in the Uk, each week I have met the members on Zoom and joined in, trying my best to try to improve my skills but more importantly it allowed me to have 2 hours of peace and calm during the pandemic. I am still attending the online classes but will also visit the studio once I can.

"Paired portrait challenge" 21 x 30 cm, Pastel and pencil

"Roxy Zoom model" 21 x 30 cm, Pastels

"I am confident" 21 x 30 cm, Pastels

Danny Metz, Blackmoor Park Junior School, Liverpool

The drawing of my daughter is Conté crayon on textured paper inspired by the drawings of Georges Seurat. The watercolour of the castle on the hill in early morning was done by keeping the paper wet throughout. You have to put the next layer on before the one beneath dries so you can’t hang about! It forces you to work quickly and sometimes when there’s no time to think, you get the best results! The oil painting is a copy made after ‘Portrait of a woman in yellow’ by Andrea Del Sarto. The original is in the Queen’s collection and was painted around 1529-30. It was still in his studio when he died and was left unfinished. I copied it to try and learn some of his techniques. Unfinished paintings can reveal the secrets of how they were made. Copying from artists of the past helps me to try and find my own ‘voice’ as an artist. I learned a lot from doing this one.

"The artist’s daughter", 16 x 13 cm, Conté crayon on paper

'Castle overlooking a lake, early morning" 23 x 16 cm, Watercolour on paper

"Portrait of a woman in yellow after Andrea Del Sarto" 50 x 40cm, Oil on paper

Sam Millard, The Ridgeway School & Sixth Form College, Swindon

I enjoy practicing a combination of on-location drawing, collage, ink, and digital manipulation. I have been creating artwork in response to current events such as the BLM protests & lockdown. Art acts as a lens into other worlds, cultures and ideas. It allows you to find a voice, it becomes a powerful tool for expression. For me, being able to comment on current events using an expressive output, such as drawing, painting and collage, allows time for reflection, calm and contemplation in a continuously busy, frantic and fractious world.

"Bristol BLM" 59 x 21 cm, Ink, Collage & Digital

"Summer Bloom" 38 x 38 cm, Ink, Collage & Digital

"Southmead A & E" 92 x 67 cm, Pen on Paper

Lisa Murphy, The Manchester Grammar School, Manchester

Drawing underpins all I do, it is my primary mode of communication and feeds design ideas, digital and 3D work. As an artist teacher my own ideas and exploration feed my work on the classroom. Activities in the classroom inspire my own ideas. Teaching Art is a process of collaboration on many levels where dialogue, often visual, ebbs and flows and takes both teacher and learner to different destinations. My social media hashtag is #alwayslearning and being a teacher one can embrace it. To share your curiosity with learners and enjoy their discovery is a gift. I started teacher before we had the internet in classroom and digital editing was not in sight. It’s been significant to see the shift in how we research and use technologies. My painting explores the rapid juxtaposition of references and how our sense of primary source is often lost within the digital feast we can find at an instant. Much of my activity as an artist is developed as visual aids for the classroom and I find myself moving between illustration, print, painting, ceramics and digital work. It is wonderful to have access to such a wide array of media and be able to select what works best to develop an idea. As we are always learning it is important to explore process, been seen to take risk and experiment, to chance path when necessary and show the learning journey does not follow a straight line.

"An Adder Add" 28 x 56 cm, Pen and digital editing

"Freddie Flintoff" 21 x 28 cm, Oil on board

"Zoom" 28 x 42 cm, Pencil crayon

Emma Palmer, The Weald School, Billingshurst, West Sussex

I enjoy painting contemporary florals using acrylic and mixed media. I especially love colour and the play of layering textures, tones and sharp edges. The past year has given me the opportunity to return to painting and the joy of making and creating, which has been so rewarding. I am now looking forward to the year ahead and the chance to work in a studio space once again!

"Dana" 150 x 100 cm, Acrylic on canvas

"Carly" 30 x 30 cm, Acrylic and mixed media

"May" 50 x 40 cm, Acrylic on wood

Lisa Pattinson, The Kings C of E School, Kidsgrove

For these outcomes I have been experimental with acrylic and watercolour paint, trying to capture texture and colour through the subject matter. I decided to honour Captain Thomas Moore through a portrait with the symbolic NHS rainbow behind him. This was created during the first lockdown and was displayed in my home as a reminder of hope. The second image is of a local landmark called Mow Cop Castle. This is a place I regularly visited over lockdown so has become a symbolic image to me. I used watercolour paint to apply colour and drips. The final image was created with acrylic paint as a colour base then I applied a floral design with felt tip pens.

"The Hero" 60 x 60 cm, Watercolour paint

"Mow Cop Castle" 60 x 60 cm, Watercolour paint

"Hope" 60 x 60cm, Mixed media - acrylic, felt tip, white chalk and biro

Samantha Perry, St Mary's Primary School, Kettering, Northants

"Beach days" 21 x 30 cm, watercolour

"Late summer" 30 x 42 cm, Acrylics

"Rockpool" 21 x 30 cm, Colour pencil and acrylic

Pip Preece, The Belvedere Academy, Liverpool

I am a figurative painter who enjoys exploring narratives and colour in my work. I believe a portrait can tell us so much about a person's life and is more than how they look on the surface. I try to symbolise the person and their life by including clues in my portraits, whilst attempting to capture their likeness. The portrait depicts my beloved Grandee, Vera. This painting shows her life, femininity, personality, and marriage to my Grandpa, Jack. Symbolically, however, this painting also depicts mortality and our movement from life to beyond. There are a number of hints to this in the picture if you look closely, such as; the photo on the wall, the vase of flowers, the streams of light and energy in the window behind Vera. I have always loved animals, nature and wildlife, so this features in my work a lot too. I have included one of my latest Pet Portrait Commissions of gorgeous Mia the Dog. It always gives me great pleasure to create Pet Portraits for the human caregivers of these furry family members. The painting of the pheasant was an experiment with colour and paint that I really enjoyed. I hope that it shows the excitement I felt from this close encounter with the bird in the wild. He was proudly protecting a nest, and so I took the opportunity to take a quick photo before letting him get on with his day. My hope for my work in the future is to keep experimenting. I always feel like I am on the brink of something exciting in my next work. Life is such an exciting journey when art is involved. My advice to all my students would be, keep creating. You never know what you will learn from your next piece!

"Vera's raison d'être" 60 x 42 cm, Oil on Board

"Portrait of Mia" 24 x 30 cm, Mixed Media on Paper

"Fleeting Pheasant" 60 x 50 cm, Oil on Canvas

Louise Richards, The Winstedt School, Singapore

I work in an expressive and experimental way in my own art practice. I am influenced by human issues, which affect people's lives in society. I enjoy exploiting the natural qualities of clay by incorporating other materials, such as sand, grog and coal dust. I am currently exploring the use of recycled materials in a sculptural and speculative way.

"Altered Mannequin" 30 cm, Found materials

"Bound" 25 x 25 cm, Plastic waste and string

"Light Trap" 30 cm, Plastic waste, UV light, photography

Kate Roberts, St. Hilda’s CE High School, Liverpool

My desire to improve as an artist runs parallel to my drive to refine my teaching. I hope that maintaining my own art practice makes me a better teacher. By being immersed in making myself, my understanding of the creative process is fresh. I enjoy drawing and painting from my own photography, using both traditional and digital media. Recently, I have been more aware of how important the original photograph is as part of the process, so I have played around with composition and viewpoints.

"Freddy" 20 x 30 cm, Digital Painting

"Skylar" 20 X 30 cm, Digital Painting

"Don" 20 x 30 cm, Colour pencil

Kathryn Lauren Robinson, Galley Hill Primary School, Guisborough, Yorkshire

“Every child is an artist.” Pablo Picasso Art is a key part of my teaching practice. The screenprints I have submitted are focused around the feminisation of the landscapes. The printworks depict images of Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire. The work focuses on the natural beauty of the landscape and links to Yorkshire Folklore tales.

"Brimham Folklore" 60 x 42 cm, Screen Print

"Brimham Rocks 1" 60 x 42 cm, Screen Print

"Brimham Rocks 2" 60 x 42 cm, Screen Print

Dionne Ruffy, Malet Lambert School, Hull

Cyanotypes created on a walk to record the found objects from a place.

"Spring time walk" 60 x 40 cm, Cyanotypes

"Shadows captured" 13 x 18 cm, Digital print

"Tonal study" 13 x 18 cm, Graphite

Helen Sampson, Waterfield Primary School, Crawley

This is my second time working with glass. I wanted to create something in keeping with my home. Stephen Cartwright lived in my home in the 1990’s and illustrated over 150 children’s picture books. His barnyard tales with a duck on every page inspired this scene.

"Country view" 45 x 30 cm, Stained glass

Victoria Samuel, Dame Alice Owen's School, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

I create energy/aura paintings of special moments and usually work from a photograph in acrylic paint on canvas. I capture the emotion of the situation by intensifying and deepening the colours I see and feel as I paint. I like to add splashes of flourecent and irridescent paint. Each painting is a journey to build up the fragments of colour and emotion of the moment.

"Here she is!" 40 x 40 cm, Acrylic paint on canvas box

"Soul mate!" 40 x 60 cm, Acrylic paint on canvas box

Amy Sinden, Ray Lodge Primary School, Woodford Green, Essex

I love printmaking. I’ve been experimenting recently with different types of printing which are less familiar to me. I tend to work in an abstract fashion and I’m inspired by interesting shapes, patterns and forms; usually rooted in nature (or natural formations). I usually start my process using collage and my sketchbook to develop my ideas. I love drawing and I believe that everyone has the potential to be creative and think creatively. Drawing certainly helps me to organise my thoughts and understand the world around me (and always has done from a very young age). I enjoy using art; drawing; painting; printmaking; to capture the beauty in nature or naturally found objects; and distort the true colours and forms by experimenting with different techniques and shapes; and more recently injecting splashes of fluorescence (which reminds me of the deep sea - or when you see those sparks of intense bright colours when diving - which you only see for a fleeting moment but which live on in my mind).

"Summer Coral" 21 x 30 cm, Riso print (Risograph)

Donna Smith, Rainham Village Primary School, Essex

I have always enjoyed drawing and anything linked to art. During the lockdown, I rekindled my skills and decided to use coloured pencils to draw birds. Here a couple of pieces I did for colleagues who were very pleased with the final piece as I was too.

"Robin" 15 x 15 cm, Colour pencil

"Flamingo" 21 x 30 cm, Colour pencil

Meg Stevenson, British International School Ukraine

I decided to explore large format painting for the first time during the 2019-2020 lockdown, and decided to create two A1 sized paintings using the same materials as my students. I used classroom acrylic, poster paper, and grocery store paintbrushes. It was a way to keep busy during lockdown and also a way to show my students you don't need expensive art supplies to make art.

"Isolation Neon 1" 60 x 84 cm, Acrylic on Paper

"Isolation Neon 2" 60 x 84 cm, Acrylic on Paper

Stacey Stokoe, Calderstones School, Liverpool

I have my own little crafty/art hobby that I pursue under the name "@createwithstace". I like to create personalised and meaningful work for myself, my family and others. This has included framed bespoke art pieces made from scrabble pieces, paper cutting and pet pawtraits to name but a few. I love creating work such as this as it is my little escapism into my own little world where I can feel free to express myself and ultimately make other people happy in the process. I feel that my art work is my mindfulness tool, as it focusses my mind towards positivity and allows me to truly de-stress in my otherwise hectic life of being a teacher and a mum of twins!

"Stokoe Scrabble" 80 x 80 cm, Mixed media

"Always & Forever" 30 x 25 cm, Paper cut

"Ada the golden retriever" 15 x 20 cm, Pen

Helen Wade, The Heath School, Runcorn, Cheshire

This year we plan to create a painting for every subject area in our school created by our Y9 artists. I chose my love of Shepard Fairey to get us started, so this was my summer homework. Enjoy.

"Make Art" 84 x 118 cm, Acrylic paint on canvas

Sian Wheatcroft, Edenthorpe Hall Primary, Edenthorpe, Doncaster

I enjoy using a range of mediums and techniques in my artwork. For my latest works, I have been taking inspiration from the natural world and landscapes around me. Using a gel printing plate, I create abstract acrylic monotype prints. These stem from an idea but develop with each printed layer.

"Meadow" 21 x 30 cm, Acrylic paint

"Peach fields" 40 x 40 cm, Acrylic paint

"Pink in a field" 40 x 40 cm, Acrylic paint

Rebecca Williams, Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton

I enjoying working in my sketchbook, using a variety of materials. I tend to do this as a way to relax after school or to try out new materials or techniques to inspire my students.

"Biro Flowers" 30 x 15 cm, Biro pen and acrylic

"Mixed Media Bird" 21 x 15 cm, Biro, Acrylic and collage

"Piece of Cake" 21 x 30 cm, Colour pencil

Fiona Wishman Oliveira, Lycee Gustave Eiffel International, Maputo, Mozambique

I have been teaching Art to secondary school students for the past 6 years at an International school. Alongside this I work as an artist, creating mainly large oil paintings which embrace Africa and it’s culture, people and landscapes.

"No Meio Do Capim (Amongst the Grass)" 50 x 50 cm, Oil on canvas

"Smile" 100 x 70 cm, Oil on canvas

"Oceans Apart" 100 x 70 cm, Acrylic on canvas

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