Willowcroft Community School

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Public voting is open 1st April to 1st May 2022
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Rainbow Explosion

Annabel Moore

Ink & Paint, 25cm, 34cm

Chinese New Year

Oliver Orwat

Paint, 25cm, 35cm

Space Adventure

Kayden Featherstone

Paint, 25cm, 35cm

Tacticle Tiger

Zachary Robert-Hughes

Felt Tip Pens & Paint, 34cm x 25cm

Tactical Combat

Oliver Nicholas

Pens, 34cm x 25cm


Daisy-Mai Jeffery

Paint, 26cm x 36cm

Popping Sunflowers

Zoia Gryva

Water Colours, 34cm x 25cm

Sunny Winter

Apryl Hoey

Water Colours, 38cm x 50cm


Hope Mason

Felt Tip Pens & Paint, 35cm x 50cm

The Realms

George Haskins

Felt Tip Pens, Ink & Paint, 36cm x 50cm

Empathetic Emotions

Bella Gibson & Charlie Fowler-Duffy

Paint, Paper & Felt Tip Pens, 40cm x 72cm

Splish Splash Splosh

Francesca Morrison

Felt Tip Pens & Paint, 50cm x 35cm

The Takeover

Ava McCann Hill

Felt Tip Pens & Paint, 35cm x 50cm

Sunset Beach

Zehra Said

Paint, 25cm x 35cm

Starry Sky

Oliver Janosik

Paint, 25cm x 35cm

Moon Explosion


Paint, 25cm x 35cm



Paint, 30cm x 40cm



Paint, 25cm x 35cm

Crocodile Attack

James McCann

Paint, 30cm x 40cm

Blossom Trees

Jayden Au

Paint, 40cm x 30cm

Houses of Emotion

Cameron Blackford

Paint, 50cm x 70cm

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