Wantage CE Primary School

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Public voting is open 1st April to 1st May 2022
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The Peaceful Dragon

Troy Rowley

Watercolour, 8.5cm, 13.3cm

3D Dimension

Shai Tillier

Watercolour, 9cm, 13cm

Colour Collection

Teigan Grant

Watercolour, 10cm, 14cm

The Lighthouse

Elsie Paton

Paint, 35cm x 50cm


Jack Bowler

Paint, 35cm x 50cm


Orla Bache-Horne

Paint, 35cm x 25cm

Walk in the Park

Skye Stephenson

Paint, 25cm x 35cm

Campfire Sunsets

Imogen Luck

Paint, 25cm x 35cm

Sea View

Georgina Herbert

3D, 25cm x 34cm

I’m a Celebrity

Millie Longworth

3D, 25cm x 34cm

Valentine’s Day

Mila Hopkins and Shona Loveridge

Paint, 35cm x 50cm

Black and White World

Erin Sanders and Gracie Bevan

Paint, 25cm x 35cm

Inner Thoughts

Emily Dawes

Collage, 16cm x 25cm

The Greenhouse

Tyler Robertson

Watercolour, 13cm x 9cm

The Sun Sea

Ruby Savage

Watercolour, 13cm x 9cm

Abstract Forest

Tamsyn Brown

Paint, 25cm x 35cm

The Beaming Lighthouse

Sam Murchison, Michael Owusu Antwi and Noah Eckert

Paint, 35cm x 50cm

Lunar New Year

Isabel Harding

Watercolour, 25cm x 34cm

Top of the War

Jack Bowie

Paint, 25cm x 35cm

Man on the Moon

Harry Bird

3D, 25cm x 34cm

Lazy Days

Lucy Ditchburn

Watercolour, 10cm x 15cm

The Magic Theatre

Alice Rendell and Piper Adams

3D, 25cm x 34.5cm

Sheep All Day

Martha Brown

Watercolour, 9.5cm x 14.5cm

See the Sunrise

Carraig Kilpatrick

3D, 25cm x 34.5cm

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