The Round House Primary Academy

The public vote has now closed for 2023/24! Thank you to all who cast their vote and supported these young artists!

Public voting has now closed! You will now see the results with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophy on the three shortlisted artworks!
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Kanad Tsuyuri

Sophie T

Pencil, 30cm, 22cm


Charlie RR

Pastel, 21cm, 29cm

A Colourful Eye

Frankie S

Paint, 29cm, 42cm


Jake H

Pastel / pencil, 21cm x 29cm

Sunset 2

Isobel E

Paint, 21cm x 29cm

Mayan Mask 2

Callum B

Pastel, 29cm x 21cm


Jack M

Pencil, 21cm x 29cm


Alekss F

Pencil, 21cm x 29cm


Oliver I

Chalk pastel, 21cm x 30cm

Abstract Island

James J

Pencil / Felt tip pen, 30cm x 21cm

One Piece Luffy

Dominik K

Pencil, 16cm x 7cm

The Wild Beast

Jude C

Felt tip pen, 21cm x 30cm

Creativities Horror

Adam K

Pencil, 29cm x 21cm

Dragon of Doom

Adrian S

Pencil, 29cm x 21cm

Sunset in Hawaii

Everly OR

Paint, 21cm x 29cm

Bat Dragon

Phoebe H

Pencil / Felt tip pen, 29cm x 21cm

Infinity Peace

Tommy OD

Felt tip pen, 30cm x 21cm

Dog=Cat’s Dream

Michael M

Collage / felt tip pen, 30cm x 21cm

The Volcanic Eruption

Joshua B

Pencil / pastel, 21cm x 29cm

The Pastel Space

Emily D

Pastel, 21cm x 29cm

Mr Savage

Harrison B

Pencil, 29cm x 21cm


Lloyd N

Pencil, 21cm x 30cm

Snow Owl Woods

Juliet H

Pencil, 29cm x 21cm

The Rainbow Sleigh

Anashe M

Felt tip pen, 21cm x 29cm

Toad Dog Effect

Charlotte A

Pastel / pencil, 21cm x 29cm

The Cat Wreath

Alma M

Pencil / Felt tip pen, 35cm x 37cm


Zachary VN

Pencil, 30cm x 42cm

Mayan Mask

Nicholas S

Pencil, 30cm x 21cm

Lost in Space Bunny

Lucy B

Pencil, 30cm x 21cm

The Fruity Space

Elliott P

Pencil, 21cm x 29cm

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