The Bicester School

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Public voting is open 1st April to 1st May 2022
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Time for Tea

Sam Bounre

Mod Roc, 60cm, 22cm

Sunrise Through Trees

Kessia Webster

Watercolour, 33cm, 52cm


Taylor Bird

Spray Paint, 63cm, 91cm

Friday Fight Night

Tyler Griffin

Mod Rock, 21cm x 15cm

Free Spirit

Kacey Jade Wheeler

Collage, 62cm x 53cm

You are not me

Alfie Pates

Paint/ Spray Paint, 52cm x 33cm


Issac Moore

Mod Roc, 25cm x 15cm

Cast of Hand

Jayden Finch

Mod Roc, 25cm x 15cm

The Real Super Hero

Freddie Fraemohs

Mod Roc, 27cm x 13cm


Kyia Turner

Collage, 52cm x 53cm


Isatou Elliott

Collage, 53cm x 54cm

Why Me?

Lana Prospero

College, 53cm x 55cm


Chantelle Craig

Collage, 53cm x 44cm


Isabella Laing

Collage, 52cm x 45cm

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