St. Barnabas CE Primary School

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Public voting is open 1st April to 1st May 2022
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Frog Celebration

Karina Bayas

Paint and pen, 28cm, 38cm

Jumping High

Rezan Mizori

Paint, 25cm, 35cm

A Day Out With Friends

Ayesha Hasib

Paint, 35cm, 25cm


Fahima Aziz

Mixed media - paint and collage, 35cm x 50cm

After Party

David Hudson

Pencil, 35cm x 50cm

My Football Team

Oscar Gonzalez Schofield

Pencil, 35cm x 50cm

Ninja Cow

Xavier Pires da Silva

Pen and Oil Pastel, 46cm x 35cm

My Wcar Campervan

Benjamin Stier

Pencil, 28cm x 38cm

Celebration 1

Mahbuba Begum

Paint, 21cm x 30cm


Jonathan Azoulay

Pen, 20cm x 35cm

My Cat

Harley Williams

Paint and oil pastel, 36cm x 51cm

Your Home

Leo Abrams

Mixed media - paint and collage, 34cm x 50cm


Luca Amengual

Paint and pencil, 47cm x 39cm

World of Football

Jake Tilley and Dylan James

Paint and water colours, 38cm x 56cm


Harry Hehir

Paint and pen, 30cm x 42cm

Rainbow of Petals

Mahbuba Begum

Water colour, 25cm x 35cm

The Colourful Parot

Aikida Bici

Mixed media - paint and collage, 25cm x 35cm


Tabea Marquarat

Mixed media - paint and collage, 30cm x 42cm

The Game

Fahima Aziz

Mixed media - paint and collage, 35cm x 50cm

The Eco Plant

Mary Heim

Mixed media - paint and collage, 35cm x 50cm

Planet Unity

Tresaray Codrington

Paint, 25cm x 35cm

Mushroom Town

Harry Hehir and Leo Abrams

Paint, pen and pencil, 35cm x 50cm

The Nature

Johanna Schanz

Paint, 25cm x 35cm

The Weasel

Nino Trapani

Paint and pencil, 25cm x 35cm

The Match

Raiyan Razak

Paint and pen, 38cm x 56cm

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