Priorslee Academy

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Public voting is open 1st April to 1st May 2022
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Rainbow Eruption

Oscar Swales

Soft Pastels, 21cm, 30cm

The World Is Our Mystery

Frankie Hannington

White pen, 30cm, 21cm


Isla Ellis

Watercolours, 30cm, 21cm

Colours of the World


Oil Pastels, 25cm x 25cm

One Winter’s Day


Soft Pastels, 19cm x 42cm

The Positive Side


Pencil, 30cm x 20cm

Stairway to Heaven


Soft Pastels, 30cm x 21cm


Veer Bagri

Soft Pastels, 30cm x 42cm


Edward Parkin

Pencil, 21cm x 21cm

Northern Lights

Lily-Rose Thompson

Soft Pastels, 30cm x 21cm

Tropical Bird

Ava Pollock-Hanley

Soft Pastels, 25cm x 40cm

Meteor Rise

Jack Gilford

Soft Pastels, 43cm x 25cm

Two Cats

Anjlie Kaur

Soft Pastels, 30cm x 42cm

Night Time Blossom

Sophie Bagshaw

Watercolours, 25cm x 18cm

The Lightning Bolt

Poppy Moxham-Dambrines

Soft Pastels, 23cm x 32cm

Repeated Fishes

Oscar Worrall

White pen, 19cm x 19cm

Meteor Mix

Grace Chen

Soft Pastels, 33cm x 20cm

The Icy Lights

Nathan Dicken

Soft Pastels, 25cm x 45cm

Lightning House

Ben Byles

Soft Pastels, 45cm x 20cm

Mountain Mirage

Emily Chandler

Soft Pastels, 21cm x 30cm

Jack and Britain

Damian Sciubisz

Pen, coloured pencils and felt pen, 30cm x 21cm

Misty Waters

Ruby Jones

Watercolours, 25cm x 34cm

Different Apples

Rosie Hernandez

Mixed Media, 42cm x 30cm

Fire Eye

Summer MacLeod

Coloured Pencils, 14cm x 18cm

Flowers Bloom

Chi Chi Echeta

Watercolours, 25cm x 25cm

Water World

Esme Stanton

Soft Pastels and coloured pencils, 30cm x 42cm

Animal Family

Ollie Ling

Coloured Pencils and pen, 16cm x 21cm

A Cloudy Day

Anastasiya Dubrovskaya

Soft Pastels, 21cm x 30cm

Snowflake Wonder

Lauren Jones

Soft Pastels and Pen, 21cm x 26cm

Pine Tree Forest

Jamie Davis

Soft Pastels, 21cm x 30cm

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