Priorslee Academy

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Public voting will be open from Saturday 1st April to Wednesday 26th April 2024.
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The Mad Forest

James Lough

Watercolours, 28cm, 38cm

Firework Sunset

Sienna Card

Soft Pastels, 24cm x 32cm

Dog land

Pennie Davison

Soft Pastels, 30cm x 40cm

Abstract Sky


Soft Pastels, 24cm x 32cm

The Colours of Happiness


Watercolours, 40cm x 30cm

Mythical Woods

Makayla Yip

Watercolours, 28cm x 38cm

Costa Cuties

Darcie Biggs

Watercolour and Pen, 28cm x 38cm

Mr Spooky’s Taco Truck

Millie Lucas

White pen, 25cm x 32cm

Peaceful Life

Joseph Duckett

Watercolours, 28cm x 38cm


Ava Gilpin

Soft Pastels, 28cm x 38cm

The ways of the elephant

Faith Lamb

Pencil, 20cm x 15cm

Rainbow Affect

Isla-Ellie Taylor

Watercolours, 30cm x 40cm

Misty Dog Walk

Hannah Titley

Coloured pencils, 20cm x 20cm


Ella Taylor

Poster paint, 28cm x 38cm

Peculiar Cat

Shaan Mehay

Coloured pencils, 20cm x 20cm

The Hands of God

Roman Madeley

Soft Pastels, 28cm x 38cm

Arabian Nights

Ollie Bunce

Watercolours, 18cm x 28cm

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