Monkton Park Primary School

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Public voting is open 1st April to 1st May 2022
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Apple Still Life Drawing 2

Alice Mockler

Pencil, 30cm, 21cm

Interior Illusion

Amelie White

Watercolour, 30cm, 21cm

The Journey

Jasmine Gardner

Watercolour, 30cm, 21cm

Into the Distance

Maiya Hudson

Watercolour, 30cm x 21cm


Ariel Leung

Fibre tip pens, 30cm x 21cm

Interior Illusion 2

Daisy Starr

watercolour, 21cm x 30cm

Apple Still Life Drawing 1

Chloe Burns

Pencil, 30cm x 21cm

Apple Still Life Drawing 3

Mia Orchard

pencil, 30cm x 21cm

My Eye

Penny Parsons

pencil, 21cm x 30cm

Still Life: The Fruit Bowl

Emily Hallett

Acrylic paint, 21cm x 30cm

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