John Mason School

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Public voting is open 1st April to 1st May 2022
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Setting Sun

Annabel Brown

Ink, 13cm, 18cm

Love Birds

Lauren Stone

Ink, 20cm, 20cm


Eva O'Donoghue

Ink, 15cm, 18cm

The Monkey and the Bird

Millie Cooper

Ink, 19cm x 19cm

The Colourful Forest

Kanisha Panaich

Ink, 15cm x 19cm

Stalking Cat

Orlaith O'Neill

Ink & Coloured Pencils, 20cm x 20cm

Jungle Snapshot

Lee Raithby

Coloured Pencils, 32cm x 43cm

Toucan Spotting

Tayla Harrison

Ink, 21cm x 21cm


Hattie Thomson

Ink, 18cm x 21cm

Deep in the Rainforest

Hebe Sanders

Ink, 20cm x 20cm

Hiding in the Leaves

Gracie Hawthorn

Ink, 18cm x 20cm

Tropical Paradise

Amelie Walker

Ink, 22cm x 22cm

Psychedelic Jungle

Millie Imrie

Ink, 20cm x 20cm

In Amongst the Leaves

Kiera Blewitt

Ink, 15cm x 20cm

The Sleeping Leopard

Chloe Williams

Ink, 20cm x 15cm

Neon Chameleon

Megan Telling

Ink, 20cm x 20cm

A Tale of a Toucan

Tilly Pledge

Ink, 20cm x 20cm

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