Holy Name Catholic Voluntary Academy

The public vote has now closed for 2023/24! Thank you to all who cast their vote and supported these young artists!

Public voting has now closed! You will now see the results with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophy on the three shortlisted artworks!
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James Noonan

paint, 30cm, 21cm

Sunset Silhouette

LilyMae Bootland-Freeth

Poster paint, 30cm x 25cm

The Peach

Ella Brown

pencil crayon, 30cm x 21cm

Colourful Sky

Ethan Cadogan

oil paint., 30cm x 21cm


Emily Caulfield

felt tip pen, 30cm x 21cm


Jamie de Los Santos-Yepes

pencil crayon, 18cm x 18cm

Rainbow Explosion

Rene'e Elliott

pencil crayon and felt tip pen, 26cm x 21cm

Night Sky

Belicia Gomes

acrylic paint, 51cm x 40cm

Leeds Centre

Charlie Harrod

pen, 30cm x 21cm

The Dab

Amelia Holmes

oil paint, 28cm x 18cm


Ayzah Hussain

paint, 40cm x 30cm

Pop Galaxy

Tommy Joy

pencil crayon, 30cm x 21cm

Triangle Explosion

Olivia Kilvington

paint, 18cm x 12cm

Sunset Layers

Alexandra Koromo

watercolour pencils, 51cm x 40cm


Jon-Joe Leatham

oil paint, 28cm x 19cm


Grace Ledger

Felt tips, 30cm x 22cm

The Witch

Aneesh Marsden

pencil, 15cm x 15cm

Dramatic cityscape

John James Mc Donagh

felt tips, 29cm x 21cm

Living Lost

Isla McDonnell

watercolours, 30cm x 25cm

Cloudy Night

Isla Mooney

watercolours, 26cm x 21cm

Gas Buildings

Joel Odeyo

pencil, 30cm x 21cm

In my Head

Gracie Oldham

felt tip, 30cm x 21cm


Israa Saleem

felt tip, 30cm x 21cm


Eva Savage

felt tip, 26cm x 23cm

Rose Night

Khizar Shahid

felt tip, 29cm x 21cm

Black Scape

Dario Sidhu

felt tip, 30cm x 21cm


Mollie Warburton

felt tip, 30cm x 20cm

Art City

Noah Wright

pen, 30cm x 21cm

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