Heyford Park School

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Public voting is open 1st April to 1st May 2022
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Same Storm, Different Boat

Aiden Evans & Bethany Harris

Wood, metal wire and paper, 25cm, 36cm

The Forest

Jack Duggan & Cohen Cherry

Paper Collage, 30cm, 42cm

Five Circles

Katie Frost

Tempera paint, 48cm, 43cm

Colourful Lines

Ryan Jefferies

Tempera paint, 28cm x 38cm

Everyday Items Can Be Art

Jake Dackombe

Mixed Media Collage, 38cm x 58cm

Midnight Dream

Ruby Ward & Paige Barns

Mixed Media Collage, 39cm x 64cm

Black and White Border

Arlen Warne

Mixed media, 27cm x 37cm


Sophie Hunkin

Mixed Media Collage, 40cm x 50cm


Martha Proctor & Summer Simmonds

Mixed Media Collage, 50cm x 40cm

The Flower

Jorge Haynes

Paper in glass dome, 9cm x 9cm

The Flower 2

Daniel Rathband

Mixed Media Sculpture, 18cm x 15cm

Cosmic Flower

Brianna Smith

Paper and mixed media sculpture, 10cm x 23cm

Bring Me Joy

Aayushi Baxi-Varma

Mixed Media Collage, 27cm x 38cm


Angelina Cerato

Mixed Media Collage, 28cm x 37cm

Anyone Out There?

Maja Cibinska

Mixed Media Collage, 27cm x 38cm

Splatasha Jumpanoff Splatty

Ruby Young & Georgina Kennedy

Acrylic inks and tempera paint, 28cm x 38cm

The Shimmering Comets

Archie Steward

Mixed Media Collage, 30cm x 40cm

Just a Small Speck

Faye Scott

Mixed Media Collage, 29cm x 42cm

World’s End

Thomas Lord & Ned Watkins

Mixed Media Collage, 28cm x 38cm

The Yellow Phone

Dominic Allen

Mixed Media Collage, 22cm x 39cm


Paige Manning & Samuel Bevan

Mixed Media Collage, 29cm x 41cm

The Scattered Madness

Jack McLeod

Mixed Media Collage, 37cm x 56cm


Felicity Fearns

Mixed Media Collage, 26cm x 33cm

Art is My Happy Place

Jessica Hawkins & Beau Lyford

Mixed Media Collage, 37cm x 65cm

Results of Life and Death

Ethan Corn

Pencil and acrylic ink, 28cm x 37cm

Lovers’ Choice

Yasmin Bangs

Mixed media Collage, 40cm x 50cm

Lunar Abstract Space

Bailey Smith

Mixed media Collage, 32cm x 27cm

The Life Within Us

Tamzin Lovell

Mixed Media Collage, 28cm x 47cm

The Hole in My Heart

Maggie Pittam

Mixed Media Collage, 39cm x 40cm

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