Hare Street Community Primary School and Nursery

The public vote has now closed for 2023/24! Thank you to all who cast their vote and supported these young artists!

Public voting has now closed! You will now see the results with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophy on the three shortlisted artworks!
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Mountain Troll

Daria Stancu

Pencil, 35cm, 24cm

The Boy Called Odd

Patrick Hodgson

Coloured Pencil, 24cm, 35cm

The Fallen Feather

Aras Kucuk

Pen and Pencil, 30cm, 21cm

Valentine Day Dog

Aaniya Choudhary

pencil, 25cm x 21cm

Ancient History

Henry Daniels

Paint, 30cm x 21cm


Poppy Palmer

Lipstick, 30cm x 21cm

War Machine

Thomas Budd

Pen and Paint, 17cm x 21cm

This Is Where I’m From

Aiden Boahene

Pastel, Paint and Pencils, 29cm x 21cm

The Face

Anthea Joseph

Paint, 34cm x 23cm

The Southern Lights

Anvit Jaikn

Acrylic Paint, 21cm x 20cm


Charlotte Hatton

Paint, 21cm x 30cm


Esmae-Rose Everett-Walters

Paint, 24cm x 21cm

Two Different Islands

Hafsa Asif

Paint, 21cm x 30cm


Lily Williams

Pencils, 10cm x 12cm


Lucy Sutton

Pencils, 19cm x 26cm

Starry Night

Samuel Nweke

Paint, 58cm x 42cm

The Bear, Eagle and the Fox

Isabella Ajibade

pencil, 24cm x 36cm


Sorochi Desmond

Paint, 21cm x 30cm

Art Mania

Sydnie Williams-Playle

Paint, 30cm x 21cm


Elif Idikut

Acrylic Paint, 25cm x 30cm


John Knowles

Pencil, 24cm x 35cm

The Feather

Freddie Cleverdon

Pencil, 30cm x 21cm

The Troll of Sadness

Daniel Adigun

Pen and Pencil, 35cm x 24cm

The Silent Scream

Eleni Naomi

Pencil, 30cm x 21cm

The Mountain King

Martin Chpolakov

Pencil, 33cm x 23cm

The Troll in the Forest

Dasha Ostrovoskaya

Pencil, 35cm x 24cm

The Scream of Sadness

Rishika Iswas

Pastel, 35cm x 24cm

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