Hardenhuish School

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Public voting is open 1st April to 1st May 2022
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Childhood Handled

Elsie Hutton

Ceramics, 8cm, 20cm

Self Portrait 3

Poppy Yates

Mixed Media, 42cm, 30cm

Childhood Story

Holly Turner

Ceramics, 13cm, 7cm

Self Portrait 4

Hannah Owst

Mixed Media, 42cm x 30cm

Self Portrait 5

Maya Yiannikkou

Mixed Media, 42cm x 30cm

Self Portrait 2

Eve Lucas

Mixed Media, 42cm x 30cm

Self Portrait 1

Ed Firth

Mixed Media, 42cm x 30cm


Claire Marshall

Mixed Media, 42cm x 30cm

Childhood Memory

Aila Manolo

Ceramics, 9cm x 10cm

Memories of Childhood

Eliza Eaton

Ceramics, 7cm x 7cm


Mia Fowler

Ceramics, 8cm x 8cm


Alice Gibson

Ceramics, 8cm x 11cm


Harriet Slater

Ceramics, 7cm x 8cm

Childhood H

Marcie Graham-May

Ceramics, 7cm x 10cm

The Very Hungry Toy Story

Harriet Whiting

Ceramics, 9cm x 12cm

Childhood Memories

William Vassie

Ceramics, 13cm x 8cm


Vincent Simpson

Ceramics, 6cm x 9cm

Naruto Cat

Kallie Harrison

Ceramics, 13cm x 17cm

When we have each other…

Millie Dixon

Ceramics, 14cm x 14cm


Momo Lloyd-Jenkins

Ceramics, 5cm x 9cm

Nature and Childhood

Dan Frances

Ceramics, 9cm x 10cm

So Mature For Your Age

Souki Gregson

Ceramics, 8cm x 12cm

Remember Childhood

Anna Albon

Ceramics, 16cm x 12cm

Musical Childhood

Laura Brown

Ceramics, 17cm x 8cm

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