Greenbank High School

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Public voting is open 1st April to 1st May 2022
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Harley Quinn

Millie R

Mixed Media, 29cm, 41cm


Orlaith T

Photograph, 29cm, 21cm


Ruby S

Watercolour, 29cm, 21cm


Erin S

Acrylic on Canvas, 29cm x 21cm

Beautiful Decay

Sophia S

Mixed Media, 42cm x 30cm

Heath’s Joker

Erin B

Graphite, 20cm x 20cm


Charlotte R

Digital Print, 29cm x 21cm

Dad Monkeys

Brooke T

Digital Print, 29cm x 21cm

Back to Blonde

Isobel W

Digital Print, 29cm x 21cm

After Warhol

Megan D

Digital Print, 29cm x 21cm


Clara P

Photograph, 21cm x 29cm

Blue Lines

Erin H

Photograph, 29cm x 21cm


Megan B

Photograph, 29cm x 21cm


Nikita H

Photograph, 29cm x 21cm

Blue Orchid

Alicia S

Oil, 42cm x 29cm


Evie W

Acrylic on Canvas, 60cm x 49cm


Phoebe F

Mixed Media, 42cm x 29cm


Priya W

Acrylic & Modelling Clay on Canvas, 76cm x 51cm

Pastel Warhol

V Nelson

Digital Print, 21cm x 29cm

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