Cromwell Community College

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Public voting is open 1st April to 1st May 2022
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Cromwell Canteen

Thomas Tebbitt

Biro and watercolour, 30cm, 45cm

Townhouses by the River

Olivia Checinska

Watercolour and Biro, 20cm, 30cm

Tudor House

Harvey Imms

Pencil crayon and fine liner, 35cm, 29cm


Nojus Stankunas

Watercolour and oil pastel, 30cm x 30cm

London Townhouse

Emily Donaghy

Watercolour, fineliner and acrylic, 35cm x 45cm

Colosseum Detail

Kyle Joyce

Acrylic and Watercolour, 30cm x 30cm


Harry Raven

Watercolour, 45cm x 30cm

Taj Mahal

Megan Stringer

Watercolour and Biro, 45cm x 30cm


Grace Webb

Acrylic, 30cm x 30cm

Abstract Architecture 1

Eliyse Young

Watercolour and Biro, 35cm x 35cm

St Peters Basillica

Oliver Tuffin

Watercolour and fine liner, 40cm x 40cm

Abstract Structures

9x1 Group piece

Photography, 30cm x 24cm

Abstract Architecture 2

9z1 group piece

Photography, 30cm x 25cm

Chatteris Clock Tower

Megan Fisher

watercolour and fineliner, 45cm x 30cm


Frankie Hewitt

Watercolour, 30cm x 45cm

Cromwell School Front

Heather Wells

Watercolour and fineliner, 45cm x 30cm

Abstract Architecture

Shimelia Thomas

Chalk and Oil Pastels, 30cm x 45cm


Adele Davidenko

Mixed Media, 30cm x 45cm

Markmaking- Cromwell

Mason Wray

Watercolour and fineliner, 30cm x 45cm

Eiffel Tower

Ellen Farrington

biro and felt pen, 45cm x 30cm

The Cromwell School

Olivia Checinska

Watercolour, pencil crayon and fine liner, 30cm x 42cm

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