Coleridge Community College

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Public voting is open 1st April to 1st May 2022
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Be The Change You Wish

Noah Shah

Watercolours and Pen, 29cm, 21cm

Our World, Our Future

Alice McGerty

Pen on Paper, 30cm, 21cm

Face to Face

Alison Mc Gerty

Acrylic on Paper, 29cm, 21cm

2022 Our World Our Future

Maise Watts

Pen on Paper, 28cm x 32cm

Give Me A Smile

Flora Mitchell

Pen on Paper, 32cm x 23cm

An Animals Eye

Beatrice Toft

Pencil, 12cm x 17cm

Build For The Future

Flora Mitchell

Photomontage, 43cm x 32cm

Inspire Me

Indica Minott

Pencil, 32cm x 23cm

Fox In The Night

Louie Hickey

Pencil, 24cm x 32cm

Eye Into The Future

Emily Hornby

Pencil On Paper, 24cm x 32cm

Figure Trapped In Glass

Jasmine Smith

Mixed Media, 25cm x 20cm

Metal Flower

Frank Waters

Metal, 25cm x 8cm

City In Our Eyes

Patrick Hateley

Mixed Media, 29cm x 39cm

Knowledge and Wisdom

Alyx Doherty

Pencil, 29cm x 21cm

Paper Skull

Mariya Begum

Paper, 29cm x 21cm

Black Lives Matter

Maisie Watts

Watercolours and pen, 41cm x 29cm

Sailing Through Time

Emma Sinclair

Acrylic and pencil, 29cm x 21cm

Anne Frank

Emily Hornby

Watercolour and collage, 41cm x 30cm

Iconic Portrait Beyonce

Kayla Sainty

Watercolours and white pen, 29cm x 21cm

Iconic Portrait Superman

Eli Penney

Watercolours, 41cm x 30cm

Iconic Portrait Diana Ross

Mbaweme Mhango

Pencil, 24cm x 21cm

Our World Colourful Frog

Flora Mitchell

Felt Pen, 27cm x 20cm

Looking into the Future

Beatrice Toft

Pencil, 11cm x 16cm

Our City

Shanjida Ahktar

Photomontage, 30cm x 41cm

Another Dimension

Arbresh Pacoli

Photomontage, 30cm x 41cm

Our World Our City

Julian Dominiak

Photomontage, 30cm x 41cm


Freya Bailey

Watercolour and Pen, 41cm x 30cm

Iconic Portrait Gandhi

Elia Piobino

Pencil, colour pencil and pen, 40cm x 30cm

Iconic Portrait Malala

Lily Smith

Watercolours, pencil and pen, 41cm x 30cm

Iconic Portrait Rashford

Aaron Hodson

Pencil, 42cm x 30cm

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