Benson CofE Primary

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Public voting is open 1st April to 1st May 2022
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Buzz Pollination

Max Parker

Pastel, Pen, Tissue, Coloured Pencils on Paper, 30cm, 21cm

Bye Bye Balloon

Amelie Stuart

Paint on Paper, 17cm, 13cm

Flather Feather

Isla Scales

Feathers, Cellophane on Card, 36cm, 29cm

African Sunset

Abigail Jones-Evans

Ink and Paint on Card, 39cm x 29cm

Neverending Space

Amelia McPherson

Pastel, Pencil, Gems on Paper, 42cm x 30cm

Walking A Smile

Annabel Bridgeman

Water Colour Pencil on Card, 17cm x 14cm

The Sunset Tree

Bella Hayes

Paint and Pastel on Paper, 42cm x 30cm


Edward Valantine

Pen on Paper, 21cm x 30cm

The Red Balloon

Elizabeth Richardson

Ink Paint on Paper, 42cm x 30cm

Pumpkin Wolf

Ellie-Rae Smith

Pen on Paper, 21cm x 30cm

Unicorn Head

Elvie Irons-Hay

Watercolour and Glue on Card, 12cm x 12cm

Self Portrait 101

Emily Fowler

Pencil, Pen, Glue, Gems on Paper, 30cm x 21cm

Miles Morales

Frank Baker

Pen on Paper, 30cm x 21cm

Untitled 1

George Paton

Paint on Paper, 10cm x 30cm


Harrison Sykes

Pen on Paper, 19cm x 20cm

The African Savannah

Harry Thomson

Inkpaint on Card, 12cm x 18cm

Ocean Sunset

Isaac Fricker

Pencil on Paper, 30cm x 21cm

Flying Through Space

Jack Jones-Evans

Pastel and Pencil on Paper, 30cm x 42cm

My Art World

Kinga Szyja

Collage, Inkpaint, Pastel, Mixed Media on Card, 37cm x 28cm

Blackout Town

Lily-May Gale

Paint and Ink on Card, 26cm x 39cm

Flying Up

Martha Cowen

Paint and Pencil on Paper, 13cm x 17cm

Camp Cuddle

Oliver Stuart

Pastel on Paper, 42cm x 49cm

The Football Park

Oscar Cowlard

Pencil on Paper, 29cm x 41cm

God’s Power

Roman Alcantara

Pastel, Pencil on Paper, 21cm x 30cm


Sebastian Henderson

Pencil and Pen on Paper, 21cm x 30cm

The Fountain Tree

Sophie Pannell

Inkpaint, Watercolour, Pastel on Paper, 37cm x 27cm

The Fortune Eye

Sorrento Alcantara

Pencil on Paper, 20cm x 40cm

The Child

Thom Wigfield

Pencil on Card, 19cm x 20cm

Broken Glass

Thomas Foster

Pencil on Paper, 34cm x 50cm

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