Barr's Hill School

The public vote has now closed for 2023/24! Thank you to all who cast their vote and supported these young artists!

Public voting has now closed! You will now see the results with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophy on the three shortlisted artworks!
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Love hearts

Loriah Bodinnar

Digital photography, 15cm, 21cm

Macro lollipops

Temisan Ejegi

Digital photograph, 21cm, 29cm

Frying pan food

Mohammed Hassan

Watercolour, 25cm, 21cm

Mixed media fried egg

Ava Ashmore

Watercolour and coloured pencils, 15cm x 15cm

Kiwi Fruit

Keyan Bestan

Watercolour, 29cm x 21cm

Chuppa Chups

Kavia Devkaran

Pencil, 29cm x 21cm

Sweet collection

Tanin Babazadeh

Digital photograph, 21cm x 29cm

Jammie Dodger

Lexie Johnstone

Watercolour, 20cm x 20cm


Deborah Alex Varghese

Watercolour, 29cm x 21cm

Jar of marmite

Praveen Ganiger

Pencil, 29cm x 21cm

Biscuit in watercolour

Nika Zdanova

Watercolour, 21cm x 21cm

Spiral lollipop

Sanjay Rajakanthan

Acrylic paints, 37cm x 28cm

Purple fruit

Faith Inglis

Watercolour, 29cm x 21cm


Hanar Asat

Watercolour, 29cm x 21cm

Macaroon heaven

Sienna Maher

Watercolour, 29cm x 21cm

Continous drawing of an apple

Noah Ahmed

Fine liner, 20cm x 20cm

Sunny day treat

Alesha O'Callaghan

Acrylic paints, 37cm x 28cm

Pencil egg observation

Emily Gane

Pencil, 20cm x 20cm

Cross section biscuit

Anae McClurg

Watercolour, 20cm x 20cm

Orange segment

Anneliese Rebelo

Watercolour, 40cm x 25cm

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