Art Bytes

Art Bytes is an Education Technology (EdTech) programme that integrates art with technology and redefines traditional art education. Designed with creative immersive technology specialists, Art Bytes utilises a bespoke, immersive, virtual gallery incorporating augmented reality elements to give our young participants the opportunity to see their art exhibited online in a cutting-edge virtual gallery and engage with new technology, from the safety and convenience of their own home or school. It will also allow children and young people to see galleries as places “for them” and encourage future cultural engagement.

Every year teachers tell us their time and budgets are stretched more & more. They want to include art in school but struggle with so many other pressures. We provide a simple & effective way of highlighting the importance of art education, which creates almost no additional work. Teachers want to engage with technology in the classroom but do not know how to do so. We offer an accessible, simple gateway to immersive tech, without the need for any specialist equipment.

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